The Greatest Conspiracy in American History Is about to Unravel

The Greatest Conspiracy in American History Is about to Unravel

The Rule of Equity is an exhaustively researched page-turner about Native Americans and their unlikely dreams of reclaiming sovereignty over North America.

The action starts in modern-day Washington DC with the murder of an important Federal Reserve official. Clues lead the FBI to Hyrum Cobb, who heads the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Hyrum is secretly plotting the peaceful overthrow of the government but had nothing to do with the murder.

Before he vanishes, Hyrum leaves a coded message for lawyer and investor Tom Madison—an unwitting central figure in Hyrum's scheme. As Madison deciphers the codes, powerful interests opposed to Hyrum target him.

Madison and his ex-wife, herself a Native American, evade the FBI and race to New York and then to the massive, ancient structures built in the Midwest thousands of years ago.

There, stunning revelations expose ancient and modern conspiracies to keep the truth from the American people.

Secret codes in massive earth formations




From ancient North America


"Neville's latest thriller (The Clown House, 2012, etc.) finds lawyer and investment banker Tom Madison under suspicion by the FBI when he tries to help a friend suspected of murder.... An engaging story with scrupulously detailed characters and a swift pace that will leave readers reeling." Kirkus Reviews

"An intelligent, fast-paced thriller and mystery novel, The Rule of Equity, by Jonathan Neville, is sure to grab readers and take them for an exciting ride that includes art, economics, and politics. This high-quality book has a superb plot and first-class writing, and it is sure to delight." Foreword Clarion Reviews

The Rule of Equity "features an impressively strong, action-driven plot and interesting characters. This novel will appeal most to male and female adult readers of thrillers such as those by Dan Brown... The use of Native American rights as the focal point of a thriller is an original combination... The in-depth analysis of art and history combined with economics makes this an especially fascinating read, and makes this book stand out." - CreateSpace Editorial Evaluation

The past and future of America revealed in famous artwork

Little-known facts

True history: Some of the oldest, largest and most complex structures in the world were built in North America thousands of years ago.

The people enjoyed millennia of highly advanced civilization, featuring cities, roads, and cross-continental trade.

As part of the colonial genocide of Indians, the Europeans destroyed hundreds of thousands of ancient structures and nearly every trace of their well-organized civilization.

But the builders left coded clues that have persisted to our day.

The future? Now, in a time when American society faces serious financial, social, and environmental challenges, a Native American Indian leader has plotted to reassert tribal sovereignty and restore the ancient, peaceful civilization of his ancestors. He has allies throughout the government - but also powerful interests that seek to destroy him and his cause.